was Hello, now arms

Charles Scappaticci scapco at ecentral.com
Wed Aug 18 18:09:50 PDT 2010

Hidden under the stock on your Nylon 10 maybe?  My daughters 10/22 is
only 2 years old.  I always get a kick out her boy friends when they
find out she rides motorcycles and owns a gun.  LOL!

Charles S.

> You made me curious about the age of my 10/22 as I bought it used about 2
> years ago.  Found it was made in 1974.
> At least 1/2 of the 22rf  I own don't have serial #s.  The strange one is a
> Remington Nylon 10.  Remington went to the trouble of stamping the year,
> month and day of maufacture but no serial #.
> Jim

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