Getting Old?

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I still ride my '96 semi regularly. It's been a bit snowy lately but if the roads are clear and it's not too cold, mid 20's F/ -5 C I ain't shy....
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I have a 1981 B1 a 1982 B2 and two 1983 GPz1100's

Also 2x GPz900R's

Just incase anyone is interested we are having a ride across Oz for GPz900R

Might be something the US owners would like to do but  with GPz1100's


On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 11:56 AM, William K Denton <wkdenton at>wrote:

> I still have my fast black '96 and ride it often, although it has been
> sharing serious time with the '80 CB-X for the last two years since I got
> the latter running well.
> All those who actually still have a GPz on the GPz list raise your e-hand!
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> Yes, the List has seen better days, but some of us are still out here.  I
> still ride my GPz, only not as much<...>

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