Getting Old?

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Fri Feb 12 06:46:56 PST 2010

I just ordered the seal for the shifter shaft myself.  Does anyone know if
you can poke it in from the front or does the side cover need to come off?


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 *Hand waving*

I got pulled over for having a loud exhaust a month or two back, and haven't
fixed it yet, so I'm not technically riding it, but still...  Not that I'd
done any long rides in the past year, as between having a girlfriend I only
get to see weekends (logistics-grrr!), and just not feeling the need to do
any marathons for quite a while, commuting was all the riding I did.
Probably just as well, as after my marriage boke down I'd spend most of the
weekend riding, and was averaging ~ 6-800km's per weekend on top of the
usual 350k's of commuting.  I'm now working in the CBD though, so catching a
train off-peak (due to my shifts) has been quite relaxing.

Starting to miss riding, though.  Might have to replace the leaky shift
shaft seal and get the old girl back on the road, now the weather's cooling
down to tolerable levels.


'95 GPz1100 - It's big, it's blue, it's currently off the road.
Melbourne, Australia

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I still have my fast black '96 and ride it often, although it has been
sharing serious time with the '80 CB-X for the last two years since I got
the latter running well. 
All those who actually still have a GPz on the GPz list raise your e-hand! 
Bill Denton 
Yardley, PA 
wkdenton at 
Lazarus Cycleworks, LLC 
We Breathe New Life into Old Bikes 
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Yes, the List has seen better days, but some of us are still out here.  I
still ride my GPz, only not as much<...>  


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