Getting Old?

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Fri Feb 12 10:49:57 PST 2010

Yrk! Thanks for reminding me. I'm turning 60 next year...............!

'Fortunately' we don't have this 'old bike' syndrome in Denmark. Thanks
to the fact that new bikes are so insanely expensive in this country
most people ride bikes that are up to 30 years old - or even older.
There simply isn't any gap between new bikes and the veterans - it's
filled up with middle aged bikes that people can afford to buy. I just
looked up an add and saw a black '96 GPZ with 45.000 km on sale for
11.000 USD!! A new Concourse is 55.000 USD!!! These middle aged bikes
are what keep the shops going - and going well. No shopkeeper would show
a funny face or throw smart ass remarks at anything :-)

Despite the 125.000 km on the odo the bike is still running fine. I
didn't ride much the last couple of years though. 2008 because of a
deployment to Farawaygistan during summertime, last year because I was
buried with work. One of the best events last year was a visit by 4
members of the German GPZ 1100 Forum (2 on GPZ 1100 and 2 on Yamaha GTR
1000) who travelled around the Baltic Sea. Their pictures are here: - the pics from my home are on
page 19 and 20. The text is in German, but Google Translator should do
the trick. I hope the coming season will be better. One niece is trying
to talk me into a trip to an amusement park i Germany, another niece
wants me to take her to Poland to see Auschwitz. Right now all
two-wheelers are in deep hibernation due to winter. I know it's nothing
compared to what you guys are experiencing on the east coast right now,
but over here is the  coldest winter for many, many years. We have had
snow and temperatures below zero since mid December which is very, very
unusual. Last night the temperature dropped to - 22 deg. C! The
inhabitants on many of the small islands (some 400) have been able to
walk ashore for several weeks, now they can drive ashore in their cars!

I'm also on FaceBook under my full name: Jens Libak Pedersen FWIW

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

mrgilmore at skrev:
> Hey Charles, Hey guys!
> Amen to the non-recognition the GPz gets at the local shop.  In fact, I stopped going to the closest one since they told me they don't work on "older" bikes.  Like a UJM is so hard to figure out?  WTF?  For me, ok, but them?  Not the way to endear themselves to me to maybe become the place I buy my next bike from.  I mean, it could happen!  LOL!
> Yes, the List has seen better days, but some of us are still out here.  I still ride my GPz, only not as much since there've been several other higher priorities than riding lately (just ask my woman!), like our home remodel, the ex wife's cancer condition getting worse, and more.
> I am also on FaceBook as Rhunsted Jordan, my real birth name FWIW.
> Regards, "you know you're really old": alas, ain't that the truth?  That sucks!  I'll be 60 in 3 years, fercrissakes!  Holding up ok though.
> Take care guys.
> Ron Jordan
> red '95 bought new - kinda beat up these days, but runs strong!
> Altadena, CA

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