Getting Old?

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Sat Feb 13 03:09:48 PST 2010

Me Too..... 105,000 Km and still running like new (well almost like
new). She doesn't use any measurable amount of oil over the season. 

God forbid, but if anything happened to her, I'd just buy another. I
think it must be love!

Art in TO

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Hand raised - though I have to admit that I've put on the least miles
this winter than I have since I got it. 
Various reasons -
among others -  Gerbings back at the factory being repaired, , The
Geeper has gotten harder and harder to start in the cold - gonna have to
finally pull the carbs when it warms up..been riding the sons Ninja 250
which is the ideal commuter-  over 60mpg

   Pete S

"All those who actually still have a GPz on the GPz list raise your 

Bill Denton
Yardley, PA"

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