Getting Old?

Stephen hampson shampson at
Sat Feb 13 11:29:47 PST 2010

Mine still gets used daily, with the exception of the last two months
unseasonably snowy and cold weather. You could ride all the year round in
the UK once upon a time.
However I've just bought a CCM R30 644 which will be used for the day to day
stuff and the Gpz for the long haul.


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I still have my fast black '96 and ride it often, although it has been 
sharing serious time with the '80 CB-X for the last two years since I got 
the latter running well.

All those who actually still have a GPz on the GPz list raise your e-hand!

Bill Denton
Yardley, PA
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Lazarus Cycleworks, LLC
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Yes, the List has seen better days, but some of us are still out here.  I 
still ride my GPz, only not as much<...> 
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