Mad Kaw Disease

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Fri Feb 26 09:43:52 PST 2010

Hey Ralph, and guys!

Yuggggh!  That is some nasty shit.  What was this guy thinking, drinking or smoking?  You could say that the look of modern sport bikes are an "acquired taste", since they're purpose built, and after a long enough time, that looks really good to me.  I came up with standard bikes first (duh) and early on thought that choppers looked cool.  They still do in a way.  However, that "way" doesn't include the emasculation of the ZX10's dynamics, particularly the wheelbase length.  As Mr. T would say: "Pity the fool" who lets that ZX10 power loose on such an elongated frame...!  Ouch!

Just my $.02 FWIW!

Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA 

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