Old member back with an almost running bike

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Sun Jan 10 05:05:32 PST 2010

Pete Weaver is looking for the Engine and I think he is in Washington 

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> Jim,
> Some of you will remember I bought a low mile bike the had hit a deer. It 
> is still sitting around on the
> far east side of Cleveland, O.  if you are interested. I'll verify it's 
> still  there, free for the taking...no carbs,
> I think the handle bars are gone and someone on the list got the RH pegs. 
> The motor ran but has
> sat for a year. [WD-40 time] No seat...DD got that. this might be your 
> ticket. BUT AZ is a long ways.
> Jerry
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> You never know what kind of deal will pop up. I was extremely lucky enough 
> to get a complete "good" engine off Ebay for $56. No, I did not leave any 
> zeros off.
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> If you want a whole GPz there is one on KIJIJI in Toronto  ON with 
> 50,000km (30,000 miles) supposedly ridden by a Geezer with an Ontario 
> safety check for $1700.00 CDN ($1600.00 USA$).  I'm tempted to buy it 
> myself.  There'd be some serious nagging around here then!!!  Actually if 
> we got some kind of a break on multiple vehicle insurance (I can only ride 
> one bike at a time) in Ontario I would buy it.  Hell I've been nagged at 
> before.
> Jim
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>> Pete, if you're really interested in keeping the Geeper, I would look for 
>> a good ZX11 bottom end w/tranny and bolt on the GPZ cylinder head. I 
>> think this is the cheapest, most expeditious route. Look for an engine 
>> from the D model ('94 and up). Finding another complete GPZ motor is 
>> unlikely. If the one that crashed it let it run while it was on it's 
>> side, that's what caused the bearing failure from oil starvation.
>> Steve in Western NY
>> '96 GPZ1100
>> '08 KLR 650
>> '08 Tuono Factory
>> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White
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>>> Hi guys,
>>> I was a member up until 4 years ago or so (more lurker than poster).  I 
>>> was
>>> living in AZ going to school.  4 years ago I graduated, got married, and
>>> moved to DC.
>>> I left my 95 GPZ in AZ with the shop that had done some maintenance on 
>>> it
>>> and had told me that he was interested in buying it but didn't have the
>>> money.  So I left the bike with him, kept the title and left the state. 
>>> He
>>> never paid me the money so I recently was back in AZ and got the bike 
>>> from
>>> him.  Someone had ridden it, layed it down, and scuffed/dinged it up a 
>>> bit.
>>> I was just glad to get it back.
>>> I got it started over the weekend (it had been sitting unused for most 
>>> of
>>> those 4 years) and noticed that it had a bad knock.  Sounds like the 
>>> lower
>>> end.  When I changed the oil I didn't notice any metal in the oil.  When 
>>> at
>>> low RPM's especially under a bit of a load the knock starts to really
>>> hammer.
>>> It sounds to me that I have a rod bearing that has gone out.
>>> I guess that I have 3 options and would really like some input
>>> 1. Sell it/part it out, move on with life
>>> 2. Find a replacement engine and swap engines (will any 
>>> zx-11/gpz1100/ZRX11
>>> engine work?)
>>> 3. Open the engine up and fix the bearings/crank
>>> The bike has 38,000 miles on the clock and the tranny was in good shape 
>>> when
>>> I last ran it.  I am reasonably mechanically inclined, though most of my
>>> internal engine work has been with automobiles and not bikes.
>>> If anyone can comment on my diagnosis and options I would appreciate it
>>> Thanks for the help
>>> -Pete
>>> BTW is there a good way to search through all the archives without going
>>> through them month by month?

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