What do y'all think?

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I have the V&H exhaust with stage 1 jets. It runs so damn good in the mountains it's scary!

"In vino veritas"

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I agree on all of your points Charles.  I did the whole modification thing
to my other bikes including the Vrod to good effect.  The GPZ I want to keep
stock as I ride with my girlfriend a lot on it and she doesn't like loud
pipes (me neither on long trips).  Yeah the handling is "pig-like" with the
stock exhaust but I kept the stocker on the ZX10 for the same reason, just
want a quiet bike for touring and also the stock exhaust always "crashes
better" than a header unless you luckily fall on the proper side!  I'm
probably going to go to the high-altitude jets called out in the service
manual if not for anything more than checking it out this winter.  I had the
high altitude jetting in the ZX but it had electrical gremlins (cross
fingers, hoping GPZ improved on those) and never did run right after moving
from CA to the mile high city/area.



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I've run three different pipes on my GPZ, the V&H first, 
the Micron 2nd and currently a left exit Muzzy.  All have 
advantages.  I think you'd find once you open it up with 
the exhaust, you won't want or need to go leaner for the 

Dropping 40 lbs of dead weight with the exhaust exchange 
and adding a stage 1 jet kit is good for about 20hp at this 
altitude and a lot better handling with the weight gone.  
Come ride mine sometime and see what you think.

Charles S.

>I paid $3200 for mine a couple of years ago with less than 
>1K miles on the clock, thought it was a hell of a deal at 
>the time as I had just sold my '88 ZX10 with 38K on the 
>ticker for $3000 so I guess I traded up/down depending
>on your viewpoint.  What kind of pipe is on it?  Does it 
>run good up in the mountains?  I'm asking as mine is bone 
>stock but I'm considering rejetting over winter for leaner 
>high altitude runs...
> John


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