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That's why I bought a KLR, 'cause everybody knows KLR riders are manly sort
of men ;-)

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Probably should have just blocked the fall with my head.  You don't realize 
just how much you rely on your primary hand until you have to wipe your ass 
with the other hand!!!
If you need some amusement try it.

On a motorcycling note I met a KLR on the road last Wednesday.  This may not

seem like must to some of you but I was on my way to a friend's funeral in 
Sudbury Ontario.  The temperature had just warmed up to freezing 0C (32F) . 
The snow banks beside the road were a meter (3 feet) high with 2 feet of 
snow in the bush.  I had been driving in freezing drizzle for nearly 160 KM 
from Petawawa to Sturgeon Falls and had used over 8 litres (2 gallons) of 
windshield washer antifreeze --you Aussies and Kiwis may have to look this 
up on Google--you guys from the south-eastern US states its colored shine.
I was about 10 km west of Verner or 30 km west of Sturgeon Falls.
He was dressed for the cold but I don't think I'd be putting a newer KLR 
through the salt and mud spray.  With the amount of salt the DOT laid down 
last week he might as well have ridden the bike in the Pacific ocean in 
northern BC or southern Alaska.


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> Better switch to using the left hand.
> Charles S. - Single these days.
> {SNIP}
>>Jim  who is hoping his sprained right wrist will be healed
>>up enough for the 2010 bike season.

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