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40s is bragging, only 20 in Bangor which was the high this month.

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60's in Denver? That's just not fair. Only got up into the 40's in Dayton.

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Well, I don't need any parts, just time and more good 
weather.  Near 60's all weekend in Denver and I stayed out 
too late Saturday night to get up and go dirt biking on 
Sunday, so I fired up the big red dragon yesterday and took 
her out for a nice January ride along the foothills.  I 
stayed out of the canyons because of gravel, but otherwise 
the roads weren't too bad.  

I went by and checked on my pop-up camper and when I tried 
to leave the weight of the bike wouldn't set off the 
vehicle detector so I climbed off and entered my entry code 
into the key pad and got nothing.  For some reason the 
keypad wouldn't work so I was basically stuck in the 
storage facility and ended up having to climb over the 
barbed wire fence to enter my code in the outside keypad 
which worked just fine.  I'm sure the security people will 
get a laugh out of that.  A friend had his really nice boat 
stolen out of this facility last spring so I think they 
watch it a lot closer now.

I think I'm going to have to do a tune up this spring on 
the old beast as she felt a little down fom usual, but it 
could be me or it could just be getting a little tired 
after 50K.

Charles S.

>Yeah its me again still trying to unload one red fuel tank 
>and a rear wheel complete with brake rotor, hub, sproket, 
>cush drive, and axle.  If any of you want any of the parts 
>off the wheel I can do that.
>Jim  who is hoping his sprained right wrist will be healed 
>up enough for the 2010 bike season. 

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