Finally some summer..

Alexander Finger af at
Fri Jul 2 01:57:48 PDT 2010

hmm, I like the weight of the GPZ..on some downhill slopes it's not overly
handy, but coupled with the torque I really enjoy the "cruising" along the

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 10:12 AM, Stephen hampson <shampson at> wrote:

> Looks like an awesome commute. Would be even better on one of these
> Spent 2 weeks around Bodensee and the Dornau valley last month. Some great
> roads for a lightweight bike.
> Steve
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> ..we're up to 30°C, 86°F. Good for the family to warm up, on the 6th we're
> bound to Washington DC to spend July in the states.
> I took the bike to work on tuesday and came back on wednesday over the
> alps..aah, google maps added a "track a line along the road" feature:
> 9.00048a611c8299656417b&ll=46.367779,6.729126&spn=1.118179,2.076416&z=9
> The gpz runs smooth as ever..I'm looking a bit at the 1400 gtr, but as long
> as the old lady performs the way she does..

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