Out of lurk mode............SHIMS

Paul Heim SuprHtr at columbus.rr.com
Sat Jul 3 07:03:19 PDT 2010

All this shim discussion raises a question.  Has anybody heard from Art 
Lischer lately?  He's not posted in a while and I know he was the Keeper of 
the Shims.

Just wondering,
Paul in Ohio
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That's not too bad of a deal.  I guess if I get stuck with needing one 
outside that range I can just let it sit until I get it.  I have gone this 
long, I could wait a couple more days ;-)

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> The ones you want for the 1995-97 GPZ1100 are the 9.48 OD ones. Google 
> them.
> I'd probably get a couple of the refill kits in sizes 2.40-2.75 or so 
> rather
> than buy the whole kit full of a bunch of shims you'll hever use.
> I didn't shop around price wise but these are the ones you want.
> http://www.cyclebuy.com/shopping/hotcams/shimkits_948.htm
> On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 12:55 PM, Steven Bixby <steven at bixbys.net> wrote:
> > I speak not from actual experience (yet, but very soon!), but my
> > understanding is that the more-recent Japanese bikes generally use one 
> > of
> > two diametric sizes - 7.48mm and 9.48mm.
> >
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> > Utah Jeff
> > '96 SheePz1100
> >

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