Bag Brackets

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Mon Jul 5 12:10:47 PDT 2010

Yes the brackets are left and right.

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>I assume there is a bracket for each side. I am awaiting for the picture 
>from Drew. The bags should fit as my pipe is located in the same position 
>as the original dual pipes.
> I assume I will need the brackets. Will text you once I receive the 
> pictures .
> Thanks
> Bill
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> If you have problems finding the relocation bracket, let me know.
> When my front turn signal stalks broke, I replaced all four with new 
> signals.  the rear ones I went with a shorter stalk and slightly smaller 
> lens which allows it to fit behind the bag in the original hole.  Now my 
> relocation bracket is just sitting in the shed gathering dust.
> Michael in Holley, NY
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> Before you guys get too far ahead of yourselves, do you have the rear
> turnsignal relocation bracket? If not, the original mounts won't work. I
> went through all this a year ago. If you try and raise the bag to clear 
> the
> pipe, the cutout on the back of the bag for the turnsignal doesn't line up
> anymore. Making an entirely different bracket might work but don't try and
> copy the OEM bracket, it will NOT work with a V&H pipe. I looked around 
> for
> a long time for a 5 Star rear rack so I could mount some Givi's but never
> found one. I also took the mid-pipe to 3 different muffler shops to see if
> they would put a little more "bend" in it to lower the can. Nobody would
> touch it for various reasons (were afraid of crushing/cracking it mostly).
> My only solution was a new exhaust (Micron) that would allow the OEM bag
> set-up to fit.
> Good luck.
> Steve in Western NY
> '96 GPZ1100
> '08 KLR 650
> '08 Tuono Factory
> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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