zero shim gap

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Sun Jul 11 12:47:49 PDT 2010

The oil probably means the figure "8" gasket under the valve cover  for that 
spark plug is shot.  Replace it after you reset your valves.  You might want 
to check the other 3 before you button every thing back up.
The 0 valve clearance means you're real tardy on your valve adjustments.

To get the oil out from around the spark plug a tampons with a long pair of 
surgical tweezers work good.  They are also a good unit for both cleaning a 
12, 16 or 20 gauge shot gun barrels and for oiling said barrels for storage. 
They were impressed in the fuel fabrication dept at Chalk River Nuclear 
Labor when I used these items and acetone to clean zirconium fuel tubes 
prior to the final welding.
Their sister the sanitary napkin makes a hell of a good emergency sterile 
bandage if you're ever in the need.  My wife was not impressed when she had 
to take my son to the ER with his hand wrapped in a couple of these held in 
place by 2 meters of electrical tape, but the ER guy were.


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> Hmmm, I have oil all over a plug and an exhaust shim gap of zero.
> Does that imply that the valve hasn't been closing and hot gases have 
> burnt into the guide causing oil to seep in ?
> Also, while I've got the top off, how can I check cam chain wear ?
> Thanks
> Kevin

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