GPZ for sale

vince stone realmortician at
Thu Jul 15 18:38:06 PDT 2010

1996 1100.  Fast green color.  25K miles.  Runs great. Needs tires.  Will be
replacing those soon and the price will reflect that.  $1500.00 Firm.
 Salvage title, but I don't know why.  I have had it for 5 years with no
problems.  Been down twice since I've owned it.  Once on each side.  Both
under 5 mph.  Tried to turn on gavel.  Replaced sprocket/chain last summer.
 Battery last summer.  Plugs and Air Cleaner last winter.  NO MODS
whatsoever.  Totally stock.  Vacaville, CA.  Let me know.


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