Charles Scappaticci scapco at ecentral.com
Tue Jun 1 12:32:58 PDT 2010

Every once in a while we all deserve to treat ourselves a little, so I
took advantage of the ex and my daughter spending a long week in
Tennessee visiting the bitch, I mean my ex sister in law, and decided
to enjoy myself and take a couple of days off as it had been nearly 8
months since I'd taken a vacation day.

Last weekend, (May 23rd), I did some maintenance work on the GPZ that
I'd been neglecting.  I hung it from the rafters and dropped the front
end partially to check on the steering head bearings which were loose.
 Everything looked fine, so I added a little extra grease and snugged
everything back up the way it should be.  I took advantage of having
the tank off to finally install a steel braided clutch that Mr. Mason
kindly sent my way a while back, and a new fuel line.  Afterwards,
being a glutton for punishment, I pulled my neglected WR 450 out of
the shed to do an oil change and install an extended air/fuel screw.
Four places to have to drain the oil??  Not to mention having to take
apart a fitting to clean a screen and two more screws to change the
filter.  I knew there was a reason I like old 2-stroke dirt bikes.  I
got that done and then after a few minutes of looking, I abandoned the
thought of installing the air/fuel screw as it would require
dismantling half of the bike to get to the bottom of the carb.

I worked last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then blissfully slept
in Thursday morning before heading to Cherry Creek State park to do
some target shooting and sight in a couple of my rifles.  Lots of
fun!!   Friday, I loaded up the trailer and went riding on the WR450
up in the mountains at Rampart Range.  It' been a while since I've
rode up here and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't all that
crowded.  Saturday I headed out US 285 to Pine Junction and then went
south on highway 67 through the Hayman fire burn area, past Deckers to
Woodland Park where I fueled up and then on to the gambling town of
Cripple Creek. I grabbed some lunch and then turned around and went
home the same way.  Total mileage was around 240.  Sunday morning was
cool with a light breeze so I packed up the KX250 and drove out to
Watkins and rode the motocross track for a couple of hours.

Monday, I had to pick the ex and daughter up at DIA and then just
relaxed the rest of the day.  I really enjoyed the peace and quiet
with the ex and my daughter gone.  I could get used to it, LOL!!

Charles S.
95 GPZ1100

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