Need info on buying a bike for my 19 y.o. son preferrably 250

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Mon Jun 14 17:41:02 PDT 2010

  Go with the Ninja 250..
  I went thru the same decision last year. I looked at 600's and decided it was too easy for him to get in to trouble. I also looked at some of the older 400 and 550's but they didn't have decent lights or brakes like today's bikes.
  A MSF instructor friend reccomended the Ninja 250 and I was skeptical, but I found a 2005 that had been dropped for $600+ - the guy was moving and was selling everything. Since then my son has done two 5mph  drops and all it did was shatter a turn signal and addded a couple of scratches. One fork is lightly bent but it does not effect the handling at all - I can let go of the handlebars and maintain a straight line.
 Anyway long story short my son moved out and couldn;t take the bike, so I ride it more than the Geeper. In fact I have put on very few miles on the Geeper this year. The Ninja does not have the balls for passing like a bigger bike, so you have to adjust riding style to build the revs/speed before the pass. It can keep up with traffic on highways at 75 mph  But it so nimble it can do a U turn on a dime and and dirt roads are no problem, as it is so light and the seat height is low so you can flat foot it. It's the perfect commuter bike if you're not a big guy. Starts first push and you don't even have to wait 5 secs to take off. Much easier to ride in slow traffic and did I mention averaging 67mpg.
   Oh and supposedly easy yo resell.
    I had the same doubts as you about him getting injured but you have to let them live life - not observe it.

         Pete Staniforth

Subject: Need info on buying a bike for my 19 y.o. son preferrably 250
    cc less    than $1,000.00
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Hey guys,

I am trying 
to locate a used starter bike for my 19 son.  He is trying to get me to 
agree to his getting an SV 650 Suzuki for $1,000.00 right now.  I am 
being told this a great price for the bike.  I really prefer he get a 
Ninja 250 that's been dropped a few times but is in good working order 

He has zero experience riding.  I am going to be 
teaching him plenty and he is enrolled in the motorcycle safety training course, which he says will also get him his motorcycle status on his 
license and an insurance discount when he successfully completes the 
course. Unlike me, who came up with motorcycles since I was 12 and 
riding little minibikes, Honda 50 cc, Yammy 80cc, Honda 125 cc etc, on 
my way up in farmers fields etc, before I ever got to street riding - he had been forbidden byhis mom to ride, period, but in her last days, she agreed that now he's 18, it'd be ok.  

I am fearful to lose my 
only kid, but I do not want to forbid him either.  I'd actually really 
like for him to become a rider, and it looks like he's on his way to 
doing it the right way.  

I am willing to drive a couple hundred 
miles to check out such a bike and bring it home.  I live in Los Angeles CA area.  I'd be willing to go it on trust with you guys in far flung 
areas of our country and ship it here, if you thought a good bike is 
available outside our area.

Anyone got anything in mind or have 
seen something that might fit this need?

Ron Jordan
red '95 
Altadena, CA 

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