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Other may have more info, but I, too, have a '96 E2.  If you check the VIN,
it begins with "ZX," which is the same as the ZX-11 (a point my former
insurance company liked to expound on for higher rates).  "E1" bikes were
'95s.  I know of no real differences between them, so I'm not sure why the
different designation, unless it simply indicates a batch number of some

Vance and Hines and Muzzy have some systems available; at one point, Hindle
made a really nice setup, but these may be long gone.  I run a full Vance
and Hines SS2R 4-into-one system, but without the full jet kit.  I didn't
install the system (I'm the second owner), but I *do really like it.  Based
on what others here have said, avoiding elements of the jet kit is the way
to go, but, again, I'm relying on others to fill in the gaps.*

*The top end opens up nicely with the V&H system, with a nice growl.  If I
keep it below 5500 rpm, my cranky neighbors don't mind the bike.  It took a
while to sort out some stumbling issues around 3000 rpm, though, and I lost
some m.p.g in the process.  Still in the mid 40s, but I used to be near 50

*One thing I really don't miss, though, is the weight of the stock system.
 O.E. is really heavy.*


On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 8:31 AM, Kevin Hollis <kh at bluefx.com> wrote:

> Also, which bikes have compatible systems?
> Mine's a ZX1100-E2 (Jan 1996) but some sites claim D2-D5 were 1991-1997.
> Also, I see references to the bikes being called ZX-11.
> I'm confused !?!?
> thanks
> Kevin

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