Black Ice in the morning..

Alexander Finger af at
Mon Mar 1 01:25:40 PST 2010

..makes you call the SDIS.

SDIS is the abbreviation (french is full of abbreviations..) for the
“Service Départemental d’incendie et de secours”, the emergency

When we came into Cruseilles this morning, there was a scooter crashed
on the right side of the road, a boy sitting on the roadside and an
adult consoling him – we stopped and we were the first on site. The
adult wanted to take a left turn with his car (a small bus) and the
boy came up with his scooter – the black ice let him slip, the scooter
crashed in the bus and the driver fell on the ground.

He got hurt, but not a lot, mostly scratches on the hands and the ego.

First time to call the emergency services in France then for me – as
opposed to my experiences in germany, I had an immediate response and
a couple of minutes later the ambulance rushed in.

I hope the week continues in a less dramatic fashion.

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