posture improvement

Paul Landry p_landry at
Wed Mar 3 20:38:17 PST 2010

My posture is already been fixed!..
I already have the 2" risers and LIKE them (Thanks Dave)..   ;-D
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

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Subject: posture improvement

Once again, I am offering up an LSL conversion set WITH ZRX bars for sale.
The LSL kit cost me over $200 new, but I'll take $100 and throw in the ZRX
bars for free. 
I also have a set of 2" risers, that I designed and had several sets made up
for some guys on the list. They basically replace the Gen Mars risers with
another inch of rise and about 5/8" back toward you. One set cost about $100
to have made. You would need a longer brake line with these. I'll take $50
for them if anybody's interested.

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