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Jim I presume you are back from Arizona. I just wanted to follow up with
you on those fasteners that you said you have. As you know i bought the
oem bags but i do not have the fasteners or the mounting brackets. Can
you let me know if you have found them as i am interested in buying

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Aye Pete:
I'll be kicked out of the curling rock turner's union, and probably have
mashies and kniblicks confistcated, along with me kilt, sporan and
pipes. The Gpz was the first bike I ever bought that had its original
tool kit and 
I added a few bits--15mm scale to check the chain slack, hemostat to
more blood blisters than the shit pliers, wire strippers, small knife, 
single cell mag lite, etc.  Since the Strom had its original kit I left
one in the GPz.  I am sorry for that now.  I could have used that nice
plug wrench for pulling the plug out of my 1984 XL250R Honda which came
no plug wrench, this same unit will remove the plugs from my '05 Tacoma
litre V6.  Both vehicles have their plugs down a well.

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> You're slipping Jim...
> Any good Scotsman would scoff the toolkit and sell it on E Bay..
> "I have a couple of the ones you mention but I picked one up 2 years 
> ago that was already the size of the guts of the original. I
> had stripped one down
> but forgot it under the seat of the GPz when I
> sold it..
> Jim""

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