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Mine are steel - suprised they would use alum
Good to know there are 2 shims - 
2 shims and the clip probably equals the stock needle head height. Though it may work with one I'd rather do it the way Dynojet reccomends. If there was only one I know all the needles would rise with the slide but as you close the throttle  there could be minor delay between the slide and needle. Probably not enough to notice but I'm anal.
 I was on the center groove with one shim under so will also put one above.
Thanks for the input 
Pete S

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I think mine are steel.  They were pretty heavy.  I had to move my clip down
one to get it to run right.  They make them like that to allow adjustment
for different mods you have.  My exhaust is huge, has no baffle in it, so it
needed to be adjusted.  It couldn't transition from the needle jet to the
main jet without one hell of a fight.

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 1:41 PM, John Soliday <johnsoliday at> wrote:

> That does seem weird as you would think you put the clip on the first
> groove
> and use one washer instead?!?  Unless the washers are much thinner than one
> needle groove, ...hmmm, for that matter why not a needle the proper length,
> guess they are re-using a needle from another application.  Are your
> needles
> aluminum?  I had a dynojet kit in my old FJ1100 and after 10K miles or so
> the needles were grooved from wear and had to be replaced.
> Your mileage may vary,
> John

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