Looking for an oil pan

Dennis gpzeer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 11:27:14 PDT 2010

Hey Gang,

I was in Virginia for the last year and a half, while my GPz 1100 was in Utah.  The bike has been idle during that time, and I am now getting it back on the road.  So - I am back on the list, and I already need a favor.  My oil pan has been cracked in the vicinity of the front drain plug (thanks for not asking how) and I think the easiest fix is to replace the oil pan.  If any lister out there has one they could part with, please let me know.  My research shows that the GPz oil pan is the same part number as the ZX-11 from 1993-2001.  Any help would be appreciated.  It is nice to be back on the list.  63 degrees F here in Utah today and no bike to ride (ARHGGGG!)

Dennis Peterson
Orem, Utah USA
95 RED!

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