Looking for an oil pan

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I think nothing of having major parts welded, had plenty of parts welded over the years, the hardest part is finging a COMPETENT WELDER!!!!!!!!!!! 
many dont know what they are doing when welding bike cases, but when they know what they are doing I would trust them.
I worked at a independent Harley shop for 13 years, & had to get many cases welded, even on sealing surfaces, I have seen many cases blown apart & rewelded & not have any problems.
my Harley heads on one of the rebuilds I noticed the spark plug holes were a little worn, so instead of risking a problem down the road I had them rewelded, the welder actually ran a drill bit through the pulg hole, removed al threads, & filled int he entire area with weld bead, then machined it & cut new threads, I had dual plugh heads & I had all 4 spark plug holes done, & had absolutely no problems, motor is torn down right now, for when ever I decide to rebuild it again. but plug holes are perfect. but it cost me around $60 per hole for 4 holes 10 to 12 years ago.
I have seen a few shady welders drill hole out, then weld in a aluminum slug, & then the aluminum slug strips. 
as for my opinion if I couldnt find a used pan easily, I would call independent harley shops especially shops that specialize in older Harleys, or a "club" shop as when alot of  1 %ers  are around they usually have rode hard & have ragged out bikes & many will have rebuilt cases, ask who does their welding for major case repairs & how is their quality, & go with them other than a normal machine shop welding service thats not familiar with welding motorcycle cases! I would trust that alot more than a regular machine shop! 

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Yea it is cracked where the drain plug goes in.  On the flat plug sealing surface there are cracks at 3, 6, and 9 O'clock.  I had my brother who is a machinist look at it, and he says that he would NOT take a  chance with a repair considering the catastrophic consequence if it subsequently failed and all the oil puked out.

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> Sorry to hear that, heck some people don't even know there is a front drain
> plug!  If it's cracked into the drain plug, imho then you do need an oil
> pan.  If it's not cracked into the drain plug, believe it or not you should
> be able to repair it.  I used to be sponsored by Loctite by in my racing
> days and can tell you that Loctite Cold Bond will seal an oil pan at least
> for an entire race season!  It exposed to pressurized oil so an epoxy fix
> might last forever.  On the other hand, if you go to the bother of taking
> the pan off why not take it down to a machine shop and have it welded? For
> that matter, even if the crack is in the threaded drain, a machine shop
> should be able to weld it shut and retap the drain plug.  Just a thought as
> you already have the broken part and I suspect you're going to have a
> difficult time finding just that part as any junk yard is going to want to
> sell an entire engine unless it's trashed and who knows what's broken there.
> Good Luck, and yes it was only a mere 68 degrees F here in Colorado today,
> and I did go riding but it was the KLR not the GPZ,
> John
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> Hey Gang,
> I was in Virginia for the last year and a half, while my GPz 1100 was in
> Utah.  The bike has been idle during that time, and I am now getting it back
> on the road.  So - I am back on the list, and I already need a favor.  My
> oil pan has been cracked in the vicinity of the front drain plug (thanks for
> not asking how) and I think the easiest fix is to replace the oil pan.  If
> any lister out there has one they could part with, please let me know.  My
> research shows that the GPz oil pan is the same part number as the ZX-11
> from 1993-2001.  Any help would be appreciated.  It is nice to be back on
> the list.  63 degrees F here in Utah today and no bike to ride (ARHGGGG!)
> Dennis Peterson
> Orem, Utah USA
> 95 RED!


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