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Charles, Dave and all you guys,

I'm with you Charles...  keep it.  If you have the garage or other location to store it, that will probably make you very happy if/when you elect to get it out one day and re-experience why you rode (ride) in the first place.  Like you (Charles) I'm older than Dave I presume.  At 57, I figure I've also seen better days and getting out and riding when the opportunity presents itself is a really good thing for me.  Of course, living in S. CA gives me virtually year-round riding, but the principle remains the same.  I took a week-long run up and around CA last Oct., just me, tent/gear, some e-books, etc. and that was really great for my spirits.  These days, I don't go for the type of full morning or all-day rides like I used to, for a few reasons.  Mostly keeping the women happy, and also I'm pre-occupied with this home remodel presently going on.  I do intend to crank 'ol red' up for a brief ride today, but that'll probably be it for  a little while...  I can't afford a new bike, and I'm really glad I chose the Geeper when I bought it new in '95.  Been the best all around bike for me.  No complaints, period.  A little porky, but WTF?  That heft is reassuring when I crank up the RPMs if you know what I mean...
So Dave, unless its a financial thing or the woman is handing you a difficult ultimatum, I say keep it and leave it in hiberation mode for your use when you want it.  I guarantee you'll miss it when the day rolls around and that feeling says "ride"...

Just my two cents...
Ron Jordan
lurking in Altadena, CA

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I say keep it.
I certainly understand where you're coming from.  It seems harder and
arder to get out for a long ride with work, kids and everything
tealing your time.  It seems I have less free time now than ever
efore. And I've not given the GPZ or my dirt bikes the attention they
eserve the past couple of years. But...
It took a long trip through western Canada to remind me of how much I
njoy riding and why I do it.  The solitude, the scenery and the
lements are such a wonderful change from the daily pressures sitting
ehind two computer monitors in my little office at work, making
thers wealthy while my life gets harder.
I'm a little older than you and my kids are older too, one gone and
he other in just a couple more years.  My youngest rarely rides with
e anymore with her school, sports and friends so it's just me
sually.  I turn 54 this summer and time is certainly weighing on my
ind.  My best years behind me now, how much more time do I have left
o ride and partake in life's adventures?  How many of you listers
ave read about Edelweiss tours around the world trip this fall?  8
onths, 40K miles for $102,000, plus you provide the bike and other
tuff, maybe $150K all together.  I'd give my left nut to do that ride
f I could (since my marriage ended I don't use it anyway).  I'll
ever get to retire thanks to the actions of others, so I choose to
ide when I can as long as I can.
I'm planning on a 10 day ride around Colorado in late August, just me
nd the GPZ, a tent, sleeping bag and no schedule.  I'm going to find
ome nice lakes to camp next to, a good book or two and some good
orners and scenery.  2011?  Probably back to Canada, I just have to
ecide east coast or west coast.  My biggest concern these days (other
han paying for my daughters college) is how I'm going to get a newer
ike, maybe a new Connie, BMW1200 GS, or something like that to eat up
he miles.  I'll still keep the GPZ though, with insurance down to
183 a year (still full coverage!), and $50 annually to register it,
t costs me almost nothing to keep it for whatever comes along. And
ith 50K on the clock and a salvage title, who'd want it anyway
egardless of the condition?
So, my apologies for the long winded rambling, but I say keep it for
ow and give it some serious thought.  Are you ready to retire to the
az-boy recliner?  I'm not.
Charles S.

 From: David Spaulding <spauldingd at hotmail.com>
 I think it might be time to sell my GPz.

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