Wednesday ride

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Sun May 2 09:45:00 PDT 2010

I was riding up around Ward, CO last month and saw a dead bear cub along the
side of the road, no kidding!

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I unfortunately see bears all the time when riding or driving. several a
month. I worry about them, plus wild turkeys, Guinneas, buzzards, barely
missed a turkey last month, he was gliding & I was braking hard & ducking.
not sure how we ddint hit....
I had a full size bear in the road last night about 9pm, but as I was
aproaching "it" went up side of a bank & watched me & I got close & I hit
throttle hard. dog gone annoying pesky bears!!!!!!!!
that section of road is like a low spot with banks on both side. all state
land which is 3,700 or so acres, & that was aprox 2 miles from my house. for
me to avoid that section it would mean at least 15 extra miles going to work
each way. but I see them all around & never know where. they can be
anywhere, I even seen them crossing our mojor hiway 3 or 4 miles from my
job, I keep my dogs loose, & consider my dogs expendable, & I can manage to
go through a dog every couple years, sometimes more than 1 in a year. lost a
good blue heeler last year, it came home mangled pretty bad, ripped up, but
I didnt see him until after he had passed away. he managed to get home &
crawl into his favorite spot & died. but he was ripped up, & I dont know how
he managed to get home.
happy birthday... 

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I didn't drop my camera or my bike--there were a lot of "What if's" in 
there.  When I had the bike nearly stopped I looked around and noticed more 
than 5 places within 40 yards that a 300 pound bear could be lurking and 
chose discression over valor and sped off.

Jim who's starting his 64th year today.  Jesus HC how'd I get this old?

> Oh Mr. Jim!!
> I trust the camera wasn't too damaged and that your leg isn't either.
> Petersen Road is bliss, but it's never far from my mind that the bush is
> very close to the road and if anything trips out you really have nowhere
> to go.
> You were very prudent regarding the baby black as Mom's can get pissed
> really fast when they think their offspring's are in jeopardy.... I've
> been there and was fortunate that "Mom" didn't get too upset when I
> moved out of the way fast. Having my tribe of dogs around helped too.
> I think you would need at least an Aerostich to withstand a bear attack.
> The owner of Aerostich is something of a wit and I'm sure he'd love to
> put a "bear attack" rating on his suits.
> I once got hit full force (120kph) in the chest by a grouse and ended up
> with egg yolk all down my suit.. Me being a vegetarian too.... Yuk!
> Art
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> Wednesday it was 12C (53F) and sunny so I rode the bike to Eganville and
> brought my licence sticker for the year.
> I then continued through the back country and stopped at Crooked Rapids
> Chute (a rebuilt log raceway near Combermere, a lot of wedding photos
> taken
> here) and had my picnic lunch beside the chute.  I left there went to
> Maynooth and took the Peterson Road to Harcourt (It is the Elephant Lake
> Road at the Harcourt End).  Art the road made it through the winter ok,
> some
> frost heaves about 8 km from Maynooth and some sand just east of the
> Halibuton county line. Just before I got to the top of the hill at the
> Hastings/Haliberton County line I saw a small black bear on the side of
> the
> road.  I was thinking of taking a picture and just about had the bike at
> a
> stand still when a thought occurred.  What if this little guy is not
> alone?
> What if his momma is nearby?  What if I have my engine running,side
> stand
> down with camera out and she shows up?
> In may haste to escape I drop the camera ($250.00 shot), shift into
> gear
> with side stand down,  the engine dies, bike falls over trapping my leg.
>  The Joe Rocket motorcycle clothing people would be interested to see
> how
> well their Kevlar suit holds up in a bear fight.
> I turned east at Harcourt to Bancroft then home on 28 and 515.
> Around Quadeville I had to brake hard twice, once for a ruffed grouse
> and
> then for a turkey.  There's a truck at the local body shop waiting on a
> new
> grill, hood, radiator and supports after doing a little turkey hunting.
> According to shop owner Bob Coulas its a $2300.00 bird.
> Jim


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