Wednesday ride

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Mon May 3 16:08:23 PDT 2010

Don't worry about backing me up--I'm kind of a crusty old f@$*%r.
After 18 years of being a foreman or 1st line supervisor in a magnesium mine 
and a family that spends years getting just the right card.  Its 
challenge--hey I 'm in on getting them back or first.  In the words of 
Paladen (because I can't remeber Richard ??? name) when he was the bad guy 
in Hombre discusing John Smith (Paul Newman) "that man had a lot of hard 
bark on him".
Daughter Liz's card.
"you're not getting old"  -- Hell !!!you were old last year.  She got a 
 Sister Alison --Back view of mister Potato head at a urinal---Damn I forgot 
to put it on when I left home!!"
If I got some sappy card the laughing fit followed by the heart attack would 
probably kill me.  Damn don't tell my kids.


> Eeeeaaassssyyyy... Jim is 6 years my junior.
> He may be old from your point of view, but I don't know anyone even 50+
> with his energy...  From baking bread to riding bikes to deer hunting,
> Jim does it all!
> Art in TO
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> Speaking of bears... Not sure if you guys ever saw this:
> Happy Birthday, Jim! Shit, yer old! ;-p
> Ride safe,
> Rob

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