Selling my 1996 GPZ 1100.

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Wed May 5 16:39:54 PDT 2010

Thanks Paul, I will check it out.

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If the only reason for selling the bike is your back, have you looked into risers for the handlebars?  I have the LSL conversion with ZRX bars and it's amazing how much more comfortable it is.  Cruisers make you sit in that "C" shape, which can also make your lumbar ache.  Charles has the same set-up as I have, if you want to see it first-hand.  It was the best modification I made as far as comfort.

Read about it here:

See it here:
Note:  The pics in the link are with the LSL superbike bars.  I replaced them later with ZRX bars, which are narrower.

Paul in Ohio
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Hello all, I have decided to sell the GPZ. My damn back is begging me for a more upright riding position. I love this bike although I think it's time to part with it in order to purchase a cruiser of some sort.. I thought I would mention it to the group before I list it. Please feel free to ask any questions or if you want pics, e-mail me and I will send some. It's black, 17k miles, Im the second owner. I have the original hard bags with GPZ logo, tank bra, tank bag, rear seat bag etc... I also have a gunfighter corbin seat that is like new and the original stock seat.. I had new dunlop roadsmarts installed 2 weeks ago. Fresh oil/ filter and plugs. Thanks


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Hello Patrick:

I hope you snapped up the mirror extenders. They make
quite a bit of difference, but they don’t solve the entire problem for me
and I suspect they won’t for you either.

I’m attaching a couple of images of my solution to
the problem. It works very well and I have full view of the rear and
immediately behind. I call it my “Cop Spotter”. I use this mirror far
more than the other two combined. Please excuse my old worn grips.

As you can see the mirror is for a bicycle and I
manufactured a small bracket to attach it between the grip and the bar end. The
mirror originally came with a round clamp which had a Velcro strip to obtain
the grip necessary. It worked for some years but it wasn’t too reliable and
fell off a couple of times, so I went for the bracket.

I think have a crude sketch of it somewhere if you
decide to go this route and if you think it would help.

Best of luck with the problem,

Art on TO, Ontario, Canada


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