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Well, I said was going to try and get a zx900-A (still a GPz) and I did it. 
Managed to find one for $650.00, and I am a sucker for a project.  
Red and silver 1984 with 25k miles.  Engine is solid, almost new tires.  
It was, however dropped in the back of a pick-up truck while being moved. 
The lowers got cracked severely, and are trashed, and the mounts to the
upper fairing (frame part) are just a little off kilter. 

The tank got pretty much folded in by the side of the truck, and as
purchased it has the tank from a 1987 Concourse (red), and is missing the
side covers. 

Float bowl for #4 carb is missing a screw, so it is dripping a little gas,
and the boots fm the airbox to the carbs are missing. 
And finally, it sounds like the starter/counterbalancer chain is a little
loose.  Hopefully the bearings on the C/B chain aren't shot, but they could
be.  I may need to replace the whole shaft, or at least the needle-bearings,
which will probably require a tear-down of the motor as I look at the
position of the C/B and the crankcase cover. The C/B looks like it is
down+forward of the cover in the pan. I am off to the Library to copy pages
from the Clymer manual for these tasks.  

Despite these issues, it runs superbly, great compression. After I get the
boots on, I will know if I need to do any carb adjustments, but considering
the slightness of hesitation I get without them (I have some duct tape over
the top half of the carb openings to control air flow), I am suspecting that
the carbs are fine. 

AND... at $650.00, even if I have to pay a human to do the c/b I should come
out under $1650 for the whole thing.

Has anyone here had to monkey w/ their starter/counterbalancer chain on
their Geeper.  It looks to be a very similar set-up. 

I will be using the 900 to get to work while I tear down, adjust, and
rebuild the top end of the old geeper and replace the original front end
with the zx900 front end (16 inch front wheel, here we come...)
my work is 2.1 miles from my house, and I have become addicted to paying
$8.00 every 10 days for gas, and I refuse to drive the blazer anymore unless

I have to.  

So everyone knows, I am on the lookout for an '84-85 zx900a tank in
red/black/silver, and fairing lowers as well.  None on ebay right now.
Side covers seem plentiful though.  I don't think I can even mount the side
covers until I get the right tank.

 It is pretty cool looking out my front window at my two little red Kawis. 

The Zx-900 is better than I remember.  Comfortable, nimble handling, plenty
of power, even with duct tape on the carbs.  Can't wait til the boots come

I will probably also start collecting 1986 RWB plastic until I have it all.

It's the best color for these buggers. 

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