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Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Fri May 7 11:35:32 PDT 2010

Airtech Streamlining<>makes
replacement fairings from original moulds.  I used this California
company to recreate the original carbon fender on my '95 Triumph Daytona
Super III (which, by the way, is for sale).  The visible weave on the fender
is excellent, the underside a bit messier.  Their regular fiberglass stuff,
though,  is top notch.  You'll need to have it painted, but still much
cheaper than new O.E. (assuming such is even available).

I owned and loved an '86 Ninja 900.  Smooth, fast, and, with the Corbin
Gunfighter seat, it was all day comfortable.  Had a tendency to overheat if
it sat in traffic too long.  I believe it was the water pump but never got
around to replacing it because I traded it for my first GPz (a '95 red one).

There are very few bikes I look back on and wish I still had.  That old
Ninja, though, was exceptional.  It was the first time I experienced true
arm pulling power, and with that really long wheelbase it was one of the
smoothest highway rides I've ever had.

I might still have the original factory service manual buried in my workshop
if you want it.

Drew in VT

On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 1:57 PM, Charles Scappaticci <scapco at>wrote:

> Born Again Fairings has a great reputation for taking busted up
> fairings and making them look like new.  No personal experience, but
> lots of good references.
> Keep us up to date on how it goes, I love the old bikes and have
> restored my share.
> Charles S.
> Winooski, VT 05404
(802) 655 - 3530 x6073

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