First ride and new hobbies

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I'm with Rob on getting a smaller caliber handgun as a starter.  My choices 
would be a Ruger target with a 5.5" barrel or a similar Browning Buck Mark. 
You can buy 1000 rounds of 22 rim fire for less than the price of 60 factory 
rounds of 45 auto.  The more you shoot the more proficient you get.  If you 
want to shoot center fire it is smart to learn to reload.  You can then load 
you your liking and find loads that maximize you firearm's potential in 
either a round that suits you, is extremly accuate or something nasty that 
will stop a 78 Plymouth.  Reloading will also cut the cost of your ammo by 
60%.  Your wife would appreciate learning to shoot a 22 rather than putting 
up with the recoil of a 45.
I was out shooting with my son in law last month.  I'm still getting over a 
sprained wrist.  I found I had to stop shooting his Walther 9mm after 20 
rounds.  Its a light automatic and the jump to the left recoil was severly 
bothering my wrist.  I finished the last mag with my left hand.  Accuracy 
Yes we're allowed to have firearms in Canada --even handguns.

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> Well, after a scramble to get the GPZ legal, I had my first ride to work 
> today.  Can't believe it's May right now, it feels like late March!  Damp, 
> cold, and we had snow last Sunday.
> There have been a few things going on this year that almost kept the bike 
> parked for the year.  The Jeep and car both need repairs (already dumped 
> $800 in new struts in the Grand Am), the Jeep just needs brakes (unless I 
> break something at the 4x4 101 event this weekend), but it ate up the tire 
> budget I had for the GPZ.
> Luckily some friends came through.   A Co-worker gave me a Pirelli Diablo 
> Supercorsa he used a couple times on the track.  Yes, I know all the 
> arguements for and against using track-day take offs, but the tire is in 
> great shape, I'm a VERY careful rider, and the price was right.  with 
> luck, I'll be able to order a NEW set of Pirellis later this summer.
> My neighbor also offered me a BT front that looks to only have had about 
> 100 miles on it.  He bought it to replace a flat he had, but then went 
> with a brand new matched set for his bike, so this was taking up space.
> I've also decided this year will be the year I do many things I've wanted 
> to, but could never afford.  The principle goal is to exercise my 2nd 
> amendment Rights.  I've applied for a pistol permit with the Orleans 
> County Sheriff.  There are many factors that led to this, not the least is 
> being approached by (suspected) drug dealers when I come to work at 
> oh-my-god-early in the morning, and a desire to go target shooting.  There 
> is also a need to see how hard it will be to get, as I'd like my wife to 
> get hers as well.  There was a kidnapping from the parking lot where she 
> works, and I worry about her getting out of work at 7pm (used to be 10pm) 
> and the company refuses to hire guards or add security cameras.
> if things work out like I hope (fate, the stars, and any deities willing), 
> I'll be making a run over to Ulster County to pick up what I hope to be my 
> very first pistol, a Smith & Wesson 45 caliber semi-auto.
> So, that's my year in a nutshell.  Going offroading this weekend, then 
> have the required pistol safety course on Monday night.  then I need to 
> get back into recreational riding.  It sucks to only use the bike for the 
> daily commute.
> Michael (still alive) in Holley, NY

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