First ride and new hobbies

Randolph Peters arpee44 at
Fri May 14 17:33:58 PDT 2010

Hey guys,
Although I have seen forays into non-GPz material tolerated on this list, or even welcomed, especially during times of lean contributions, aren't we now skirting the forbidden territory of politics?
BTW how does one define a "true documentary"?
Aren't all documentary makers "propagandists" of some type? Pushing a "save-the-penguins" agenda, or a "rescue-the-seals" cause or a "stop-global-warming" ideology?
So what if Moore is pushing a "stop-killing-innocent-high-schoolers" head?
Randy from New Orleans

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Thank you.

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> Michael Moore has never made a true documentary.  He's a propagandist with an agenda that spans the spectrum of liberal thinking in the US. 


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