First ride and new hobbies

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Fri May 14 20:02:15 PDT 2010

Them Chinese goat phartz is hell!  And actually, the equipment we make 
reduces emissions of coal fired power plants, including NOx, SOx, mercury, 
and ash particulate.  We have the technology to do away with the ash ponds, 
too, removing bottom ash as a dry product for landfilling.  Unfortunately, 
CO2 removal is not yet ready for prime time, but we have that too.  It's too 
bad everyone believes we can actually tie global warming to CO2, since none 
of the scientific models are accurate or scientificly proven.  Greenhouse 
gas reduction is going to cost us all bigtime.  But you know what, we've all 
been spoiled for too long and it's time we took our medicine.  (My tongue is 
firmly planted in my cheek, cynical bastard that I am.)

Paul in Ohio
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>  I make my living helping people make electric power from coal,
> I take we here in the Ottawa Valley have you in the Ohio Valley to thank 
> for the acid rain & snow.
> I also see the Chinese angora goats are going to be resonsible for the 
> west coast recieving a few 1000 tons of  air polution.
> Jim

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