Another One Bites the Dust

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Sat May 15 06:41:31 PDT 2010

Sorry to hear another one "bites the dust".  Let you friend know about the
list, I'm sure he'll have a few questions.  Enjoy your Suzuki, I know there
are GPZ days, then there are Vrod days, and then sometimes, it's a KLR day!


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Well I really didn't want to do it, in fact I hadn't even tried, but I sold
my '96 GPz.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a big V-twin cruiser.  Well one
of my friends that has recently started riding again after several years
came by the house and was admiring the GPz and then says, "Whatcha want for
it?"  I was stunned but I shot him a price and he didn't even blink, he just
smiled and before I knew what happened I was holding a bunch of $$$ and he
was riding off on my GPz.  
Y'all keep em out of the ditches out there.  
Dave in E. Tenn.  Black '04 Suzuki Intruder VL1500, (black is still


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