Mechanical question/bit of an issue here

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Sun May 23 07:14:41 PDT 2010

For the price I'd get the block with the lower miles, then you have a spare to completely rebuild or use parts from.  Sounds like this bike is a keeper wo spares are a good thing.


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> Subject: Mechanical question/bit of an issue here
> Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 18:42:08 -0700
> Okay, folk, 
> On my new bargain zx900a, I replaced the cam chain tensioner (with another
> used unit) That I did not, unfortunately, inspect closely enough. 
> Turns out it was kinda jammed, and although it made the cam-chain noise go
> away, it was also a little on the tight side, and the springs, well... It
> turns out the added pressure on the tensioner cracked off the bottom of the
> internal part of the sleeve in which the tenioner rides inside the block.
> Anyway, my question is this: 
> I am sure the chunk is stuck in the stator cover area, as it immediately
> started to piss off the cam chain as it rattled around, and I shut down the
> motor. Is it safe to plug a new cam chain tensioner (and I mean new, APE)
> into the sleeve with the bottom part chunked out, or am I going to have to
> replace the whole block... Note that the break is to the internal portion 
> Of the sleeve only, and has not affected the outside. 
> I am guessing that it may cause undo flex and weakness in any newly mounted
> cam-chain tensioner, and will subject the two allen bolts to more stress
> than they deserve. 
> It will not be an expensive fix, really, to put in a new block, as I can
> pick a nice 6,000 mile block with pistons up on ebay for < $80.00 with
> shipping which is probably in better shape than my 25k block anyway, 
> But I have never replaced a block before. 
> I took the valve cover off this morning and then realized I lack the 8mm
> socket I need to pull the stator cover (dunno how, it must have run away out
> of my toolkit) and find the chunk.
> I am looking for recommendations, a vote, if you will as to whether I 
> a.) try it with the block as is, or b.) replace it. 
> It doesn't look like pulling the head and block will be too bad, though. 
> After I yank the engine from the bike, it looks like no biggie. 
> Any ideas or guidance helpful. 
> All this happened two days after some piece of road debris killed the 90%
> tread metzler that came with the bike...
> By the way, if anyone wants an old, half-bondo'd concours tank or 
> A corbin g/l for the 84 gpz that needs recovering, give me a holler. 
> I have to fund at least a tire, and probably a block and some gaskets ;)

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