Looking at a new bike

Randolph Peters arpee44 at yahoo.com
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Go for it Ralph.
Made the transition about 6 years ago and am into my second ZZR after Katrina took the first one.
Oodles more power than the Geeper but at a price. The Geeper is smoother and more stately.
However the buzz in the bars disappears once you go above 60-70.
I outfitted mine with Contibars ( at age 60 plus the crouch was not comfortable) and a Corbin (the stock seat is a minor disaster) and regularly do 400-mile trips. 
The aftermarket Givis hang a bit out there widening the rear. Not the snug fit of the Geeper's bags..
Maintenance (valves, etc. ) is exactly similar to the GPz. Well no, the airfilter, airbox set up is different but no big deal.
Tire wear may be  a bit quicker but not alarmingly.
Hope this helps.
Randy from New Orleans.
BTW I am not aware of any fork mishbehavior

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<<I found a beautiful ZZR1200 here today.  I'm going to go take a look at it!
I love my GPZ, but I've always had a special place for a silver ZZR :D.
Anyone here had one, or know much about them?  It would make it worth it to
me if the forks didn't scare me hitting hard turns like the GPZ does.>>

Loved that bike! A friend had one for about 4 seasons and it was great. Handled fantastci

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