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The "free" always seems to stir my Scot ancestry but it looks like they've 
black listed Canadians.
We've had a hot spell here in eastern Ontario about 2.5 months early. 
Temperatures in the high 30sC (mid 90F) and water levels at mid August.  Too 
hot to ride.
With the heat and low water levels may be a record year for forest fires.
In the processof selling off the herd.  73 Hodaka 100 "Dirt Squirt" went 
last week and I have someone coming for the 1975 Honda 250XL this weekend. I 
kind of hope the buyer restores the XL as it only has 2600 miles on it.  Its 
still gt its original front tire (a new tire & tube goes with it.  I was 
going to do it but Marilyn was against it.  Something about the cost over 
runs on the Triumph rebuild akin to government estimations vs expenditures. 
I had figured on the cost of the bike + $1500.00.  If I sell it I'll need 
$5000.00 to recoup my expenses getting $0.00/hr for my work.  This is not a 
paying proposition.

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> I've done this same offer several years in a row now.  Always comes, I 
> just don't always have time to read it!  Good stuff, free.
> Dave in Des Moines

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