Header and Torque

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Fri May 28 07:55:24 PDT 2010

So I've been riding the GPZ a lot since rejetting, air box mods and adding
the Jardin header and thought I'd throw this out to the group.  I noticed,
as would be expected that the low end grunt (torque) was reduced somewhat
after these changes, but liked the sound, high end power, and much reduced
weight.  Initially I put block off plates on the air injection ports but
then started thinking (that's always dangerous!).  I took off the block off
plates and put the air injection hoses back on and connected the two sides
together with a 1/2" piece of PVC to act as a crossover pipe like I have on
my '73 Nova SS, except on the car it's after the header collectors.  It
"feels" like I gained back some or all of the low end power of the stock
pipe!  Maybe I'm imagining things but I'm thinking it's working in a similar
way.  Thoughts???


Happy Memorial Day, Remember our Veterans,



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