rappin Toyota van - no GPZ content

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Sorry to hear about your lose Ron.  I haven't lost my Ex (yet), but both of
my ex-inlaws have passed as well as all of my Grandparents in the last few
years.  They seem to come in spurts :-(


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Hey Peter!

Very cool, IMHO.

Although you never met her, I feel the need to let you know:  Claudia
Jordan, my ex-wife and mother of our only child Elliot, has passed away
yesterday.  She fought an long and hard battle with cancer for more than 14
years and it won.  I am glad she is no longer in pain and hopefully she
looks down upon what Elliot and I do from here on out and approves.  I tell
this to you since although we're not hang out buddies, I do certainly
respect and like you.  Ever since you and Roberto friended me up, for just
being a Lister, I knew you were cool.  So with that in mind, I tell you this
since it affect me so deeply.  I am very very sad.

Aloh nui loa

Ron Jordan 

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