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Yes I did and the ZZR1200s are phenomenal bikes. Hard to argue with 145 RWHP
and about 80 lb/ft of torque. They feel a bit more top-heavy at parking-lot
speeds than the Geep, but that goes away once you're rolling. If you have a
choice get the 2004/05 versions with adjustable damping in the forks; the
02-03's had preload adjust only. Also some early 2002's had porous cylinder
heads that would weep coolant into the spark plug holes, so make sure yours
isn't in that serial number range. Like the Gpz, the stock suspension is
crappy, but the rear does come with a handy remote preload adjuster. I put a
superbrace and a Wilbers shock on mine and it helped a lot. Stock brakes are
also not phenomenal (600 lb bike + 170 mph + rubber brake lines... you get
the idea). It's not as smooth as the GPz, particularly about 4K there's a
bit of a buzz, but with all that HP you won't mind. :D

Wind protection is better than the GPz but it does throw a bit more heat
also. Bar risers/helis are popular mods, as are seat rebuilds. The pegs are
a bit higher and cornering clearance a bit better. Bars seem about the same,
if maybe a tad more forward. SWMotech makes a dandy Givi bag mount setup;
the whole thing including the frames comes off in about 10 seconds if you're
not running bags, and is solid as a rock up to 165 (at least) with them

: they have a real race-type aluminum box frame and ram-air with a huge
airbox on top of the carbs, with fuel pumps and throttle position sensor and
other crap that makes it harder to access the valves. Oil changes are just
as easy as on the GPz. Once the valve cover is off, however, the valvetrain
is identical to the GPz. Swapping the rear wheel is a lot easier also;
there's a tab/shelf on the swingarm that holds the caliper for you. I wish I
could have kept mine but I needed some dough. The GPz was smoother and
easier to work on (and isn't worth selling anymore) so I kept it. I sure do
miss that honey of a motor, though. Man that thing was a beast.

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> Ask 1kperday, he owned one

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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