Still riding in Utah

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Tue Nov 2 04:04:18 PDT 2010

Marilyn here, just wanted to let you know that Jim is in the hospital.  He 
drove into a falling tree that fell on a back road last Weds pm, his last 
ride of the season.  The tree came out of nowhere!  What luck!

He had a collapsed lung, has 3 broken ribs, a broken foot and hand, so it 
will be a long recovery.  They put a "boot" on his foot yesterday so he will 
be able to get out of bed soon.  Luckily he didn't get phenumonia, and the 
fractures are in alignment.......and that he is still alive!

The poor guy just finished going to hospitals daily for IV's for his knee 
for 3 wks.  The knee and the foot are on the same side.  Needless to say his 
hunting trip is cancelled.  So hopefully he will be out of the hospital 
soon.  Marilyn
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>I put the GPZ to bed last weekend, but am still getting in a ride or
> two on the ZX6R.  At least I can ride my dirt bikes all winter.
> Charles S.
> On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 12:51 PM,  <gpzeer at> wrote:
>> 2 inches of snow on Wednesday morning at the house. This morning it was 
>> about 39 F so I rode to work. Suppose to be in the upper 60s this 
>> afternoon. Never know when that last ride of the years is about to happen 
>> though. Keep smiling.
>> Dennis Peterson
>> 95 RED
>> Orem, UT USA
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