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Tue Nov 2 04:58:49 PDT 2010

<<Is he a 'lousy president" because he:
1. Reformed our health care system allowing cancer survivors like a few 
of my family a chance at an expectation of not being condemned to an early 
due to their "pre-existing condition"?
2. Saved the economy from tanking completely which would have been 
following the connivance of the previous regime with their sub-prime- 
3. Extricated us from a useless war which was hemorrhaging our nation's 
and wealth while funneling wealth to Texas oilmen?
Or is he a "lousy president" because he is BLACK?
(BTW, I'm with the Tea Party on the issue of the spiralling deficit. We may 
to ditch our Harleys for Hyosung motorcycles if China gets mad.)

Randy, Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with my argument that he is a 
lousy President, which I hoped you would know already. I don't care if he's 
blue skinned, I don't believe in his socialist policies, including that 
ridiculous So called healthcare reform bill he shoved down everyone's 
throats that will do nothing but cost everyone who works for a living more, 
and supply less. I don't believe in tripling the deficit as he and his 
leftists regime has done. He blames the previous administration for 
everything, even to this day. It's a cop out. He promised the unemployment 
rate would never go above 8 % well its been above that his entire Presidency 
and some organizations who chart such things say its actually at 17% , but 
they are ignored by the main stream media. He's pompous and talks down to 
the American People. His reasoning for the country NOT embracing his far 
left agenda is that "He didn’t explain it well enough." In other words he 
didn't dumb it down to our level. He has the typical "I know better then 
you, and I know what's better for you." liberal attitude . He's wrong in 
both accounts.
As far as the war goes, we were there for a reason and that was to defend 
our country after an attack that killed thousands and to take out a mad man 
whose grandfather trained him to be the next Hitler. As far as the sub prime 
loans go, the Dems were the ones forcing that down the administration 
throats in fact the Bush administration warned them about the sub prime 
loans (Fannie and Freddie) back as far as '02, but no one would listen, they 
just kept handing out free money to those that did not deserve it. I hope 
that explains my position on this horrible president.

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