[Bulk] jim & the blustery day

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Hi Mr. Jim:

The List is complete: Good to have you back!!

Your misfortune may just have saved you daughter and it certainly proves
the value of wearing the right gear.

Last week I had to go and see my Dermatologist. I wanted to go on the
bike, but I was a bit late and ended up caging it there. 

In the parking lot, I managed to trip over a raised piece of asphalt and
ended up tottering forward, just a bit off balance and gaining quite a
bit of momentum over about 30 feet distance, before crashing onto the
deck, using my hands and knees for braking. 

I was bloodied and mad, my hands were like hamburger and the knee was
gone from my jeans, which had protected me a little.

My first (and predictable response) was F#*K and the second was, "This
is why we wear gear when we are riding". 

If I'd taken the bike I would have been fine... kind of a reverse
situation from Mr. Jim.

Art in TO

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hey boys 7 girls.
i'm out of the hospital.
 Air cast on my right foot, purple "Barney" cast on my left hand and  A 
right chest that serverely dislikes, coughing, sneezing ang laughing.
bretahing is annoying but a must to both exercise the lung and prevent 
Good gear prevented this being a hell of a lot worse.  My right boot
like it was a chew toy for a couple of bears, Joe Rocket suit lost knees
elbow and a shoulder,  HJC Helmet visor ground nearly through, plus both

sides scuffed badly.   They all did their jobs and I thank them for
My daughter who rides pillion on a HD with her husband was shocked to
the suit & helmet and realized with an open faced or piss pot helmet I 
wouldn't have  a face.  She took the ARai full face I had her wear when
rode with me back home with her.

Thanks for the good wishes


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