jim & another the blustery day parts

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Sat Nov 27 15:07:28 PST 2010

Wouldn't you know it.  Steele's of Englewood has my mounting bracket and 
rear brake pedal/foot peg combo and a right hand mirror asking $90.00 and 
$10.00 repectively.  If they have these I'm wondering if they have a right 
front signal light and a right black cowl cover, from the same 2002 bike. 
Suzuki changed the signal lights in 2004.  I'll have to email them to see if 
they have the other pieces and see how bad they want to fuck me for them.  I 
know they were nasty on their price on the wheel rims 2 years back.
I thought I had a good deal on a rear set combo from a 2005 650 DL for 
$45.00 but the mounting bracket is different as is the brake pedal.
I get the cast off my hand tomorrow morning.  I can walk on the broken foot 
with the air cast, sturdy boots or shoes.  The ribs are coming along good. 
I can sleep on either side at night with little pain.  I wouldn't want to 
try to start my Husquavarna snow blower using the recoil system as yet.


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