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  Been on a few of those - though not on a bike.
#10 North Yungas "Road of death" was made even more memorable by the Bus driver stopping for a few beers at Lunch time - the only other time I've been as scared was Island hopping with a pilot who was shitfaced in a Thunderstorm at night.
   I'd like to #1 sometime in the next coupla years - there is a M/C tour company that does tours/rentals that include that road.

    Pete S


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     If any of you want to get into some serious day dreaming 
(esspesially the guys in the USA, who have probably over dosed on 
Turkey, football and Christmas shopping), you can check out this site 
and plan a real or imaginary trip.


             The top 15 roads in the world! At the end of #1 is a short movie.


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