Hard (impossible) to start

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Fri Oct 8 11:10:38 PDT 2010

How old is your battery?  I found that I had to replace my battery in the 
GPz every 3 years on average.  The bike doesn't like a low battery or a weak 
one even if it is fully charged.  One thing you can try to check is to try 
to jump start the bike with your car or truck.  If it fires right up invest 
in a new battery.

On another note I finally managed to get 5:55 am acorn rolling Enrico. 
First cousin of Speedy Gonzoles and Slow Poke Rodrigas.  Every morning for 
the past 3 weeks between 5:50 and 6:10 the little bugger would be rolling an 
acorn across the bedroom floor directly above us.
He has managed to evade the 1/2 dozen standard Victor wooden mouse traps. 
Every morning I would find 5 with the peanut butter licked clean and the 
trap still set.  I was hoping he might have a coronary with the amount of 
peanut butter he had ingested.  With my attempts at salking up the stairs 
with a target pistol in one hand ansd a flashlight in the other I might as 
well have sent him a telegram that I was coming.  Never saw him or the 
I blew $5.50 on a different type made by Wilson.  This morning at 5:55 I 
heard him upstairs pushing the trap--and then there was silence.
I went  upstairs and there was Enrico dead as a door nail maybe deader with 
 mouth just at the bait cup.  With all the peanut butter I've been feeding 
him I expected him to be larger--like able to stand flat foot and fuck a 
grey squirrel.

Its the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.  I usually make a batch of 
cranberry jam to go with the turkey.  Its easy to make and tasty.  If any of 
you want a recipe let me know.


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