Hard (impossible) to start

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Mon Oct 11 06:09:02 PDT 2010

Western NY.
Temps are down into the upper 40s at night now, and it is raining more often than it isn't.
Plus, i spent last weekend in Phoenix, and it's hard to go from 105+sunny to 50+rainy.  I gotta adjust to NY all over again.

I figure my work commute is over for the bike.  I can't trust that it'll start when I get out of work.
I'll just use it for the occasional weekend day-trip til the snow flies, then bed it down for the winter.
Next spring, it's check the plugs, adjust the valves, oil change, etc., and a new battery.

It's sad that another year is cut short.  Last year was tires, this year battery.  Pretty soon, I'll start feeling like it's too much trouble, then it's off to craigslist for it.


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Depending on where you live, if your season is almost over, it might be 
worth waiting till spring to get a new battery.


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