-1C doesnt sound too bad

Randy noneofyourbusiness tuner_delorean at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 14:00:12 PDT 2010

I have rode 2 times during our record coldest days. both were -7F but I dont plan to ride below 15F anymore if I can help it. thats around what I call my break temp... if over 20F I will ride. 15F maybe. with wind probably not.& if colder, only if I have transportation problems & have to.
I can remember when I was young taking off on 100+ mile rides at 17F, & below 10F for 30 mile jaunts, & below 0 only for 5 mile rides. like to go to store, or restraunt or work when I lived 5 miles from work. now I live 26 miles & wouldnt think of riding if below 15F unless I had to. nearest store is 8 miles. 
I guess I am just getting older, & cold does bother me more. but I do work as a butcher & I am in refrigeration every day all day. 35F to 45F occasionally prep rooms get to 48 to 50 & it feels like a heat wave, & then I work in freezer maybe 1 hour a week which is -40F  it malfunctioned a couple weks ago & got to -100, 3 thermometers all agreed between -98F & -102F it was fixed. never heard what happened, but that was cold enough to take your breath away to load up a truck of stock. it hurt breathing in there. 


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