So, I was suffocating my bike..

Alan Nicholls metrogtiguy at
Thu Sep 9 11:02:58 PDT 2010

I took a nice long 200 mile ride a couple weekends ago(amazing 80 degree
night)  and I noticed my bike started to lose power after I filled it up.  I
figured I got bad gas, and started riding it home.  I barely made it home,
it was sputtering, skipping, and just being nasty to me!  I had a
housewarming party to prep for(and some remodeling to finish) so the geeper
sat in the garage for a couple weeks.  This past weekend, I yanked the
carbs, cleaned them good, drained the gas, and put some nice detergent
loaded 93 octane in to clean everything else out.  I jump back on her, and
it's STILL doing it!  So, at work today, I took the air filter out, and
noticed some black foam came apart somewhere in the intake area, and looked
to be clogging the air filter.  So, I cleaned the filter, cleaned out the
airbox, and reached under the tank into the air intake.... I found my
freaking gas station receipt...  It was plugging the air intake...  I feel
like a complete idiot.  Overlooked the easy solution, and decided to rebuild
the carbs instead.  I haven't ridden it yet, but I'm 99% sure that fixed it.
 If I don't re-post all angry, you can safely assume I'm going to lunch via

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